Monday, January 5, 2009


By John Aguiar

Women have earned their place in the many fields including the Indian Armed Forces. They are serving with distinction in the Home Guards organisation. Whether under the auspices of the Traffic duties, Computer operator, Bandobast duties of VVIPs or during elections in the organisation. Women have contributed to and complimented the various missions of the service.

Mrs. Carolina Fernandes is humane and fearless who is currently Honorary Platoon Commander serving in the Panaji Division of the Home Guards. She was presented with the Chief Ministers’ Home Guards Gold Medal for Meritorious service at the hands of Chief Minister Shri Digambar Kamat on the occasion of the Goa’s 47th Liberation Day on December 19, 2008.
Mrs. Carolina has received many rewards, Good service certificates and appreciation letter from her superiors for her good work. She was happy to receive the CM's medal as it was a recognition of her selfless service to the Home Guards organization.
Now that women are being recognized in the Home Guard organization, it is hoped that it there would be less abusive language used. Respect for women would increase, among other things.
And how does she keep herself fit. Carolina says "the first hour and a half of my morning is my fitness time. I do a brisk 45-minute walk, followed by exercise on the stepper and then Yoga. Often during my walk, I listen to some audio books, listen to some news. So, my morning begins in a beautiful way.
Carolina lays extra stress on the importance of planning one’s career, self-introspection and always being aware of where you are headed. It is important to constantly update and upgrade yourself with personal and professional training, she says.
Me: How is your experience in the Home Guards.
Caroina: Well, I have been in this organization since and I have found it as a very good organization. I have been enjoying the work that is entrusted to me. I handle office work including correspondence and computer typing apart from attending parades and handling other organizational matters.

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